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We have created and collated some valuable resources for you to download and practice. You need to sign up to unlock them. FREE Basic membership is available along with paid Premium membership.

Membership Plans

Complimentary access to all resources needs signing up of a membership plan. . Check and compare both FREE BASIC and PAID PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP plan, privileges and differences.

Mac Mouse


Get complimentary access to all our downloadable resources like Health Questionnaires, Food Diary, Lifestyle recommendations, apps and exclusive recipes.

Yoga by the Ocean

Yoga Videos

View the various Yoga Poses demonstrated by me, that can help you relieve Digestive Distress Symptoms, relieve Stress & Anxiety and Improve Your Metabolism

Team Talk


Signing up gives you access to General forum (Basic membership) and Exclusive Forum (Premium Membership) to discuss and interact with me and the fellow members.

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