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Why bitters deserve a place of honour in your everyday diet!

They are the ‘On’ Switch for our Digestion

As soon as they hit the taste receptors on our tongue it kicks our digestive system into action…Saliva starts to flow, gastric juices get activated, stomach and small intestine get ready to absorb and assimilate the incoming food and large intestine gets ready for timely elimination of toxins & undigested food. With all that bitter-boosted digestive action comes the bonus :

  • Less gas, Bloating, and Constipation

  • Better vitamin and Nutrient Absorption;

  • Extra Support for the Liver and its Natural Detoxifying Powers.

They Boost our Digestive Power

As we age our body loses some of its ability to break down food, producing fewer of the digestive enzymes that are essential to producing fewer of the digestive enzymes that are essential to the digestive process. Adding bitters —especially bitter veggies at mealtimes is an excellent way to :at mealtimes is an excellent way to :

  • provide the extra whole-food digestive support needed to boost the production of Digestive Enzymes.

  • Deliver loads of nutrients and gut-loving plant fiber

  • Encourage the Peristalsis “wave,” which moves food along the digestive tract—making bitter veggies a digestive win-win!

They add a kick to our Dishes

Most of us naturally gravitate towards sweet or salty but by adding bitters like ginger, peppermint, aniseed, fennel, citrus fruits, dandelion, artichoke etc gives most boring dishes a punch of aroma & flavor, while simultaneously kickstarting our digestion. So, go on add it in Seed, Spice, liquid or herbal form!

Tummy Troubles & Sugar Cravings : Add Bitters

Before the invention of Alka-Setzler/Pepto-Bismol, people used bitters to tame their digestive troubles.Yes, Bitters - the same ones that are synonymous with artisanal cocktails, were originally a favourite natural home remedy used to tame digestion and tummy troubles.

So next time, when your stomach is feeling a bit off, try a few stomach-settling drops of bitters in water!

Sugar Binges? Try starting meals with a bitters and seltzer “mocktail” to slow the entry of sugar into the bloodstream and “mocktail” to slow the entry of sugar into the bloodstream and help curb cravings for sweet flavours.

A Note of Caution:

  1. Though traditional bitters contain alcohol, you can buy alcohol-free versions if you prefer. If possible, look for organic versions.

  2. Though bitters is generally well-tolerated, avoid them if you are pregnant or have gallbladder disease or ulcers, and check with your doctor for possible interactions with prescription medications.

  3. Do not give to children without asking your Physician.

Bitter Family : Leafy Greens & Spices

All those different shades of leafy green superfoods are also the bitter ones you should be putting on your plate to aid digestion.

Among the best of the leafy bitters are amaranth leaves; arugula; beet greens; endive; broccoli rabe; curly endive (frisée); dandelion greens; escarole; kale; mustard greens; nettles; Swiss chard; turnip greens; and watercress.

Among the spices Ginger, Turmeric, Caraway, Cinnamon, Bayleaf, Asafoetida, Thyme, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Barberries, Oregano, Coriander all fall into the category of bitters.

Look for these no-brainer digestive aids at the farmers’ market, grow your own, or buy organic to minimize pesticide exposure. Add them to smoothies, salads, soups, and stir-frys, or eat them raw—and savor their aroma & bitter flavour.

Lipman, Frank. "5 Reasons to Eat and Drink Bitters." Be Well, 1 Feb. 2017, Accessed 14 Nov. 2019.

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